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The 2015 Common Loon Project Lake Report

Since 2010, Loon Network has partnered with Common Coast Research & Conservation to color-mark adult and juvenile loons by putting bands on to their legs. In 2014-2015 Common Coast surveyed 35 of the Elk River Chain Of Lakes (ERCOL) for loon usage. The results of this survey show that 21 territorial pairs collectively occupying 13 ERCOL lakes, and an estimated 25 additional unpaired adults utilizing these and other ERCOL lakes. For more information about this survey and the ERCOL lakes, click the link below.

Click here to read the full 2015 Summary of the Elk River Chain of Lakes (ERCOL) Common Loon Project.


Watershed Monitoring Report

We have 18 pairs in the Elk River Chain of Lakes Watershed this year: 7 pairs did not nest, 3 pairs nested on natural islands and 8 pairs nested on platforms. So far, 4 of the nests on platforms have produced 6 chicks. Thanks to all of the loon specialists for braving the elements to install the platforms this spring.


Something New!

Clam LakeFred & Susan Sittel observed a chick climb back on the platform on its own. They also saw the two adults on the nest platform with the new chicks.